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These are a few snapshots I tried to take of CMU Lunar Gala 2013: Venin. A completely student run event held annually in celebration of the Chinese New Year, this year's production kicked off the Year of the Snake in style, being the most professionally produced show to date. The videos are courtesy of cmutv, and there might be more up shortly (fingers crossed), because there was a segment done on the board, and there may be show footage.

I definitely wish I'd spent the $30 for VIP tickets, because I would have been closer and the pictures might have come out better. Also, no one told me VIPs get swag bags. SWAG BAGS! Some of pictures still came out well despite being 30 feet away, so I'll need more practice. This was my very first time documenting a live event, and I'm still not sure what all the fancy buttons and wheels and numbers on my camera do or mean yet, so it was a scramble. The last two pictures were taken with a friend's phone, because 1.5 hours is probably not enough time to charge one's camera battery. I might buy an extra one as well.

I'd like to congratulate everyone who was involved in the production of this year's show, and I hope to be a part of next year's. 

For more information on the show, designers, models, board, and sponsors, go to CMU Lunar Gala's site