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1. Flora Csetjey//2. Christin Bongiorni//3&4. myself

My art class held a show in one of our art galleries (basically a shoebox room with some lights, I think it barely passes gallery criteria) that was titled "Awkward: A Prosthetics Love Story". For a bunch of aspiring artists (myself tentatively included) the creativity was not flowing the day we picked a show name.
The assignment was to create a piece that functioned as a prosthetic in some way, and that could be activated in some situation. My piece was a head of masks, which was supposed to  enable me to "change ethnicities" based on who approached me. The three ethnicities chosen were the three most common ones on my campus, namely, Caucasian, Asian, and Indian (though I'm aware Indians are Asians too). It worked out well that the fourth would be African/African American, because that's me! It was created out of a desire to feel like I belonged somewhere, and could communicate with anyone I wanted without cultural barriers because of race. It's not the most prominent issue in my life, but, especially after coming out of Black History Month, it gets a little frustrating being used as a "token black person" in some situations, and while I did grow up in the Bronx, I don't know, feel, or understand African American culture they way they do because it is not how I was raised. 
That being said, I must say that if the execution of the masks seems a little lousy to you, that's because it is. I really have NO clue how to art, so I had to learn to sculpt faces from clay and then mold them, which sounds easy enough if you're acutely aware of every single bone in a face and how that face is created and what bone structure creates someone of a certain ethnicity. I tried to learn, and it was a fun process, but I'm getting graded on this. You don't get A's for having fun, sadly. Also above, there is a video for the documentation each person did for their project. I (along with half the class) finished my project a few hours before it was due, so my documentation was a bit subpar. I would have gone out, found some people, switched to their corresponding ethnicity, then proceeded to have a conversation and document their reaction. But hey, a GIF of me half asleep with the masks on works too. 
Hopefully the next half of the semester goes much better in terms of my execution in art. I do like that my teacher likes my concepts, though. It's a good enough start in learning how to follow through with a clear idea without sacrificing technique, because that's useful in fashion designing (which I hope to start doing tomorrow, fingers crossed).
The other two images you see are by two of my friends, Christin Bongiorni (who is a huge cosplayer and wants to make costumes for a living) and Flora Csetjey (who loves math and physics), who are actually Art majors. I hope you enjoy everyone's projects in the video!