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"Lord please keep me swaggerific."

In Refinery29's write-up on 8 taboo fashion topics today, Connie Wang, Leila Brillson & Isabelle Rancier brought up a question that hits close to home: "In this youth-obsessed bubble, what happens when our favorite style bloggers start aging?" 

They're right about this one. No one talks about it. 

And honestly, it's not a mum issue because fashion bloggers are scared they'll be forgotten overtime, just because their hair gets a little grayer, or their skin gets a few more wrinkles. They didn't become authorities in the fashion world because they were younger, but because they knew what they were doing, from getting dressed in the morning to publicizing themselves. Nor is it fair to speculate that our young, hip bloggers will wake up one morning and start blogging exclusively for the older folk. Fashion bloggers are simply not going to forget their own personal brand of dress because they hit the big 3-5. Yes, it's harder for women to find their place in a society that seems to discard us on account of some weathered skin, but youth is a state of mind, and a state of being, and it is very visible, regardless of how many years one's epidermis says they are. As Refinery29 reader Jennifer Jackson Bloom so eloquently put it, 
Just because there is a subset that is extremely youth obsessed doesn't mean they will not be able to grow personally and professionally over the years. Some will fall off, for sure, but other new voices will join in both young and old.
Good fashion bloggers are adaptable and savvy. I'm sure they'll figure out a way to make age work in their favor.
Plus, let's not forget that there are ways to pull off brands and wardrobes reserved for the younger breed of fashionistas, no matter what age one is.

P.S. I'm aware my sentiments on this topic aren't particularly groundbreaking or special. I just needed a valid excuse to have you guys listen to the song above. I've dubbed it "The Fashionista's Anthem."