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I'm not going to lie, I don't really follow every collection that hits the runway, or every brand's lookbook. Maybe it's because few appeal to me, or because there seems to be relatively limited ideas in how to present the clothes themselves. A lot of the time, the brand's look and the lifestyle it's created for aren't quite up my alley. I'm not saying I'm super picky, but I get strange looks when someone asks me who my favorite brands are, and I don't say any of the classics (my answers being Nasty Gal, LowClassic, and DSquared2, regardless of my inability to afford them). Then, confused as to why I didn't say "Chanel" right off the bat, they ask if I don't like the big players. It's not that I do not admire and appreciate the various creative directors' works, the brands' respective histories, the craftsmanship of the pieces, the various esthetics, etc.; it's that  I cannot think of a single time I felt like I needed something of theirs, or that there was a scenario in which I'd wear one of those brands. Though sometimes, I do want an item or two, but those moments are few and far between. That being said, I love fashion films. With a passion. They tell a story, they have movement, they are the visual embodiment of the lifestyle the brand is geared at. Sometimes controversial, at other times humorous, it's easier for me to appreciate the ability of a director and producer to film a 1-3 minute storyline, featuring a good number of looks from the specific brand, while presenting a subtle "when, where, and how" to wear said brand (admit it, sometimes you love something, and can't for the life of you figure out how to wear it). Though I will readily admit that few are actually good short films, it's a lot more fun to watch models (attempt to) act than walk at a runway show.

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