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Get your archaic symbols on.

Quilted Faux Leather Jacket: Forever21+
Logogram Maxi Dress: Your Eyes Lie (AW XII collection)

I finally got this dress after 3 long months and a misunderstanding, and I'm in love with it. The design is stunningly beautiful, and, as with most of the other pieces in this collection, is meant to be reminiscent of ancient cave writing. It was also slightly warmer today, allowing me the leisure to wear one of my lighter jackets, a structural beauty. I wasn't at all into the quilted trend when it happened (which means I got the jacket on sale at the latter end of fall), but I appreciate the variance this texture gives the outfit, so I'm happy I own this. I spent a good week or two thinking of how to make this outfit as crazy as possible, and I finally decided that I couldn't. The dress and the gold tones would be a lot more powerful and elegant on their own. I guess sometimes, simplicity is key. 
If you're wondering about the awkward black bars, I accidentally discovered that if shutter speed is too high and there's flash, part of the picture gets cut out. So after realizing that my camera wasn't broken, I took the liberty of playing around with it to create images with varying amounts missing. I'm not gonna lie, I love this effect, especially in the last picture, and in my Lookbook picture. You can kinda get the whole "incognito" feel, if shot well (which I can't do yet, because this is the first time all the images I shot came out good quality).

P.S. I'm amused that I now have given up on trying to fit my size 12/14 arms into size 8/10 garments, leading me to buy all jackets in the plus-size department. Sigh.