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Pi Bow: DIY
60's Mod Dress: Etsy

In honor of Pi Day, I made an oversized bow! I was supposed to make it earlier, but I decided sleeping in was a better idea...two days in a row. And I regret it not. I woke up this morning, and began to work on it.
After creating my own pattern on a large piece of black fabric (cut out a stencil and paint), I followed these instructions. I wasn't expecting the bow to be as large as it is, but I love it. I also stuffed mine with extra fabric because it would flop all over the place otherwise. I found a random plain black headband, so I slipped it into the middle of the bow, so I can wear it more conveniently (it's surprisingly heavy). I got a headache from trying to figure out how a sewing machine worked, so I used a hot glue gun instead.

Speaking of guns, I found an old fake gun in my art classroom crafted from brass and copper. It will be making an appearance soon!

P.S. I never wore this outfit out. I'm wearing the dress on Monday. I just needed something simple and structured to go along with today's mathematical theme, and I wanted to show off my bow. I'm trying to figure out if I should end my relationship with bright colors, and stick to black and white, while still keeping my eccentricities, as seen in this outfit. Doing so could make sorting through my closet easier.