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It's going be a long week of spring break.

I made my first self portrait out of boredom, though it was mainly to practice using my camera. I'm not sure if I did it "right". I used way too much baby oil because I was trying to go for the black-skinned shiny look, but I guess it's not really a good idea when a) you're not that dark, and b) you don't know what you're doing. I wanted to use gold flakes on my face. Didn't plan that out well either. So I let Photoshop do the rest. 

I've been really captivated by Nadia Sarwar's blog (FrouFrouu)  as of late. I usually just take a peek and nod in approval when her posts show up on my feed, but I took precious time to scour her ENTIRE archive, and she is one of the most talented photographers out there. But you probably already knew that.