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Suspenders: Amazon
 Crop Top: Amazon
Pants: Forever21

I put tape on my face because 1) what are the chances that a small bouquet of found fake flowers,  duct tape, suspenders, and boots all match? and 2) because then I don't really have to worry about practicing making faces. 

"Printemps" is French for spring. It has the word "print" in it, which totally made it the favorite for blog post title of the day, because of my polka dotted pants. Too bad spring so far has left Pittsburgh with snowmen. At least it was a nice balmy 37 degrees Fahrenheit, so I thought exposing a little midriff would be appropriate.

Not gonna lie, the height of these pants and suspenders made me feel like a clown at points during the day. Interestingly, spring and summer are the times of the year when I pull out my pant collection. I really don't want to sweat on strange surfaces in shorts or miniskirts. In addition, if your upper thighs touch, you will understand the agony of heat, friction, and bottoms that bunch and ride up. And if you have a larger derriere, you will sympathize with me when I say that no pair of good looking shorts is ever long enough. On the bright side, this is a good season to try midi dresses and skirts and half-mesh leggings, no?

Want a chance to win a $200 shopping spree? There's a Facebook competition hosted by the brand Sprèdfashion, which is launching this summer. I've entered the competition to win a spot as a Style Influencer, and with many top bloggers already enjoying Sprèdfashion's perks during the beta launch (still waiting for my invite), I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the brand. To be entered for the chance to win $200 worth of free clothes, click here, like the Sprèdfashion Facebook page, and vote for the look below captioned "Sinister Kid" (currently #2)! The competition runs until April 1, and vote for other looks you like as well! Thank you for your help. ♥