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Madrid Wool Hat: NastyGal
60's Mod Shift Dress: Etsy
Blazer: Thrifted
Jefrrey Campbell Munsters: Karmaloop

I thought I'd try tying something around my waist for once, because it was never really a thing I did except for convenience, and even then, sparingly. But it was a little brisk out and i thought that in case it got a little bit chillier, I'd just put on this blazer. I never had to, but it was really nice to wear all day. It was a bit gloomy and dreary and it rained a lot, but I stayed indoors most of the time. I'm really enjoying this black and white look, but it's too soon for minimalism in my wardrobe and I'm itching for some color again, so hopefully I don't go berserk with the next outfit! 

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