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My entire campus has been really preoccupied these past few days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) with Carnival, which is a huge setup in the school's main parking lot with a few carnival rides like zero gravity and a Ferris wheel, and lots of funnel cake. There was also Comedy Central on Campus, featuring 30 Rock actor Judah Friedlander, and a Lupe Fiasco concert. Needless to say, the various fairy-tale themed booths (Student Dormitory Council's Shrek-themed one this year) and the world-famous Sweepstakes, more commonly known as "Buggy Races," kept most everyone super busy and very excited. Not even Friday's storm dampened the lively spirit on campus (which doesn't happen often, due to homework and the like). 

Carnival also postponed my new DIY post, so expect one soon, along with a carnival-inspired outfit!