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Boots: Boohoo

I love the idea behind these Doc Marten boots, and ever since I first saw them, I've wanted a pair really badly. But, like many college kids, I'm super tight on money. When I wasn't super tight on money, I bought these knockoffs pretty cheaply in FIVE colors (dark red and white from PrettyLittleThing, and bright red, bright yellow, and neon pink from Boohoo). So I guess slowly customizing them is an awesome idea, starting with these obnoxiously bright yellow ones. Re-designing the boots make them fit in a lot more with the outfit I last wore these with, don't you think? 

Plus, this DIY took about 15 minutes, and that's because I was being extremely careful not to mess up. Sharpie has a really short window of time (about 15 seconds, if you're lucky) before it refuses to come off of PU leather. Luckily, it'll all disappear in a flash with some nail polish remover (along with any scuff marks you may have gotten on your shoes), so fear not if you mess up! Or if you eventually decide that you want to do something else with your pair of patent boots.

It's really fun getting my creative juices flowing, and with exactly 2 weeks left before the end of school, and 3 weeks left before the start of my two full-time summer jobs (technically 1, but I have an interview tomorrow for the second and will grovel and beg for it if I have to), I'm starting to get a feel for knowing when I can afford to buy things, and when I should make them instead. 

*The boot's actual name is the Hincky Acid Smiley Boot, but Wasteland and Urban Outfitters seemed to have named it the Hinckley Smiley 8-eye boot. Who am I to argue with them?