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Skirt: GoJane 
Tights: Sock Dreams
Sweater: either NastyGal or Wasteland
Revel STR Boot: by Jeffrey Campbell, via NastyGal

I'm pretty sure there's something patriotic going on here, but I'm not entirely sure. This bag matched the outfit, and you can barely see it but I'm wearing a spiked headband behind the floral headband. I usually get told I look like the Statue of Liberty when I wear it alone.

With the school year drawing to a close, I'm getting really antsy and am looking for new ways to procrastinate on everything from homework to packing. That's why I took the past 3 days to redesign the blog! It occurred to me that in the time it took for me to browse the web, find a template I liked, and then edit it to fit all my widgets, I could just make one. It got really frustrating at times, but seeing the near-final result is super rewarding. I think it's pretty exciting that I can name all my posts without having the name show up on the blog. That means I can make fancy title post pictures like the one above, without sacrificing SEO (though I'm not entirely sure how important SEO is to me right now). Although, since this is the first official post that I'm going to be replacing a title image with a real title for, all my other posts will look a little wonky, and you won't even know what they were titled unless you look at their respective URLs. I have a few kinks to work out here and there (mostly trying to install the Disqus comment box) but I should be done by the end of the week! I really like the way the blog looks now, and I'm super excited to fill it up with large, high-quality pictures of myself (and other things)! Except my tripod AND camera lens broke within 20 hours of one another, so the next outfit post might be a long time coming. Tragic, I know.