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Cult Gaia Midnight Crown : NastyGal
Blue Feather Necklace: eBay
Funktional Mayan Knit Wrap:Wasteland
Knit shoulder cutout dress: I don't remember, but I'm inclined to say it's from NastyGal

I've been pretty under the weather (hello, allergy season!), but I'm managing to stay on track with blogging. This is my carnival-inspired outfit. "But Khadijat," I hear you say, "this doesn't remind me of a Carnival at all!" Well, that's because it's just inspired by the idea of relaxation. For me, having that 4 day weekend was so soothing and comforting and warm that I just had to wrap myself up as cozily as possible when school started up again to make up for not being able to spend an unholy amount of time in bed. So I basically ended up being curled up on a couch in an academic building, wrapped in this expertly made and visually pleasing cocoon for like 3 hours. Plus the weather started getting quite finicky, so I figured that in case it got super windy, I'd have this beauty to protect me from the elements.