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Anthropomorph (n.) - an object or entity resembling the human form.

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The creative marriage of fashion and fauna is nothing new, per se. Dogs have been dolled up in houndstooth jackets and cats stuffed in tiny knit sweaters for a long time. The magic behind both Ryan Berkeley and Yago Pratal's works is that these are (usually) undomesticated, uncommon creatures. It's wonderful to view these animals in a human light, to project our own ideas of what kind of people wear certain things onto these creatures. They provide a window to see what we do to the average human being on a daily basis, making it seem utterly ridiculous when applied to other animals.The humor of their pieces do not detract from the two truths what viewers will eventually come to realize: 1) regardless of how "fashionable" one considers him/herself to be, there will always be a uniform of sorts that reflects one's lifestyle, and consequently, makes a statement to other people about the kind of person one is, and 2) people judge often, and they judge hard (you do NOT want to be best friends with the giraffe, too snooty, y'know?).