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After remodeling (read: badly painting) my point-and-shoot camera to fit the inevitable brightness of the summer (insert color/food palette pun here), I thought I'd take the time to share a few of the shots I'd taken over the past week in this "update" post, since I don't have an Instagram. The delicious food is from an amazing Korean/Japanese eatery I found out about last week called Oishii Bento. I was really suspicious of the food at first, because apart from sushi and dumplings, I didn't eat Japanese food, and I'd never had Korean food in my life. For a good price, it was AMAZING. Also, after organizing all my nail polishes, I realized I may have a slight problem with hoarding things with pretty colors. It's not much of a surprise, judging by the looks of my shoe rack. 

That being said, I've set up my studio space for the next two months of summer, and once I figure out my crazy work/hobby/studying schedule, I can figure out my blogging schedule as well (which seems to be working itself out so far at 1 post every 3 days). Fear not, an outfit will be on the way soon (the School of Art has multiple stunning locations in the back area, perfect for outdoor shoots). I keep trying to design things to make, before reminding myself of the dearth of money for fabric and whatnot. I'm starting my first official piece, a simple t-shirt/skirt combo (sounds boring, I know) tomorrow morning! It might take a while before it makes an appearance, since I still have to learn to thread a machine, then learn to cut patterns and sew them together. Hopefully all goes well!