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"Global economies need this generation to stop specializing and to be across everything, or forever be missing in the masses."- Margaret Zhang

When I was younger, I burned through so many activities and interests so quickly that my mother used to introduce me not by my name, but by the tagline "Jack of all trades, Master of none." And I could never figure out why I couldn't be master of all trades. After reading the aforementioned quote on Shine by Three, it suddenly hit me what it was I wanted to do, and what I was capable of doing. Zhang is a highly multifaceted and talented blogger, and she explains the excitement and fatigue that comes along with being a full-time student and blogger with a full-time job in one of the most demanding industries in existence. Let's not forget her side gigs as photographer and model, etc. She is not a role model because of her age, or even because of her level of skill. She is a role model because she is well on her way to becoming master of all trades. 

The reason a person has multiple talents is so that they can develop and use all of them, in some way or another. The idea of picking one thing you liked to do for the rest of your life never sat well with me (along with the thought of a job that only catered to one skill set), and seemed awfully restrictive. And it took me until the end of high school to realize that every single one of my aspirations is just as important as another. I took this attitude with me into fashion blogging, and was met with some personal obstacles. I worried I would never be good enough, pretty enough, rich enough, popular enough. Recently, I've been able to tell myself that all this, and more is true. Maybe I won't ever be "enough", but there will always be room for improvement until I am. I no longer see blogging in a hierarchical sense, where you have top bloggers, and then mid-size bloggers, and everyone else. It is a gift an individual chooses to share, the story of their personal development, not necessarily how attractive or wealthy one is. 

The only way to develop as a person in any aspect is to get out there and do something. I'm not going to be hailed as a designer on the internet if I do not design. I won't be lauded as a photographer if I don't have anything to show for it. Being accountable to those around you by doing, and not just professing what you want to do, is the ultimate job interview. Building credibility for yourself is an extremely personal and arduous process that may not yield results for a long time. It's also a process that everyone is able to judge. But the beauty of having many interests and the ability to explore all of them is that creativity shines through. Experiments are set into action time and time again. What if I wore this? Wrote like this? Arranged my images like that? Trial and error produce the most ingenious of solutions, and the most valuable of experiences. The breadth of creativity exhibited by a blogger is definitely a lot more important than their bone structure, height, or weight, and everyone recognizes that. Global economies need creativity, and in order to better tailor our services to the world around us, and make an impact, we must be willing to allow ourselves to explore and pursue our interests, regardless of grandeur and impracticality, and be brave enough to put ourselves out for the world to criticize.