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Necklace: ShopJeen

I've never really been one for the "Statement piece", but as my style has evolved with the weather towards simpler things, I have come to see the value in the singular standout piece, the star of the show. I got the above necklace about a year ago, and never wore it. It looked beautiful alone, but I always felt that it was tacky and cumbersome once I put it on, not graceful and bold like I'd hoped. Luckily, I've figured out that experimenting with neck cuts on tops is the way to go. This will probably be one of many regular accessories once summer gets into full swing (the weather regressed to 55 degrees the past few days). The magic this piece holds for me lies in the fact that not only is there a fluid texture created by the links connecting the slightly raised colored panels, but that when the necklace is flipped, every part of it shines golden. I can imagine wearing the necklace backwards and blinding onlookers with the way the sun glints off the metal. *wistful sigh*

*I apologize for my unexpected hiatus. It started with finals, was prolonged by dinner, The Great Gatsby, the search for AA batteries to power my Coolpix L810 (love it, but I've never seen a gadget that consumes so much battery power so quickly), and culminated with the very last minute hunt for summer housing. Luckily, all of those activities and obstacles have been more or less sorted out, so hooray for the continuation of regular posts!