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("Retro Geek" by sarahjohnston)

I've been obsessively looking for unique fabric prints, and trying to figure out how to make them before summer got underway. I bought a swatch of the print I made on (what Spoonflower told me was) suiting fabric, along with a color guide and fabric swatches. While perusing other designs on the site (it's what I call "researching" the science of fabric prints) I found an ongoing competition for the theme "Geek Chic." I wasn't at all into the whole geek chic trend that blew up in the fall/winter, mostly because white t-shirts that said GEEK in big black sans serif letters were a little...boring. I guess I couldn't help being attracted to the print after Pi Day (despite my severe mathematical inadequacy), and I figured if one was going to declare themselves a geek to cyberspace and beyond, then one might as well go all out. The good news is that the winner gets a contract to design for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Great for the winner, bad for those of us who are obsessed with pretty things.
Note: Wear outfits created with geek- themed prints out on dates with engineering, math, and computer science majors. Especially prints that reference motherboards somewhere.

Yes, the sketches are mine. Yes, I'm going to make them in the near future.