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All hail the shoes that spring made. The shoes that you wear socks with. The shoes in which you stand taller, longer. All hail the Senso Vendetta. With memory foam for a foot cushion, and harder foam for the sole of the shoe, the extra shock-absorbing nature of the Vendetta makes it the most comfortable heel I have ever come across. This spring, prepare to wreak havoc on your nemeses.

I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it basically is. I got these shoes during Black Friday from ShopAkira, and it was on SUPER DUPER MEGA SALE. Like, $40 sale. And let's be real, this shoe is still selling anywhere from $75 to $150, which makes me even prouder that I was able to snag them at such a low price. Plus, I can totally wear this shoe casually (balance takes a while to master, because of the thin heel), and the style, color blocking, and tread are reminiscent of the sporty trend. Stay tuned this spring/summer for these to be featured in an outfit or two!