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Floppy Hat: Forever21
Middle Finger Sunglasses*: Giant Vintage Sunglasses
Golden Ticket  Carousel Lip Gloss: Lime Crime
Skeleton Hand Cuff: Wicked Treasurez
Sunflower Tie Top: PLNDR
Vintage (I think) Brown Leather Skirt: Totally stolen from a pile heap of clothes that were supposed to be donations. I know I'm a horrible person, but I annihilated 1/3 of my wardrobe donating, and I REALLY wanted this skirt.
Gold studded Booties: GoJane

I am on a ROLL, finding outdoor locations for shooting. As to this outfit, I have to admit that I wear neither brown nor not-neon-yellow articles of clothing. I originally got this skirt because I wanted to remake it into a pair of shorts (I'll be honest, it looks kinda repulsive when it's all by itself, just an inflexible brown lump), but once I tried it on, I fell in love. It fit PERFECTLY, though that might have something to do with the fact that it's a size 8 and I'm a size 9. I didn't really think about this outfit until a few days ago when I was desperate for something to wear, and was throwing clothes from my suitcase up in the air (like a boss, I might add). Once I found some shorts and a sports tank top to wear, I immediately bolted for the door. Before turning out the lights, I looked back to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything. Lo and behold, this top was hanging onto the edge of this skirt for dear life, and I decided that it looked pretty cool.
The title might be misconstrued as a Biblical reference. It's actually a Da Vinci's Demons reference that references the Bible. Completely different.

*I do NOT apologize for any offense you might take as a result of these sunglasses.