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Evil Smiley Face Glasses: Giant Vintage Sunglasses
Headphones: EarPollution
Leather Baseball Cap: Ebay
Bodice: NastyGal
Leather Fringe Shorts: Ebay

This outdoor outfit post marks a new era for the Youth Savage blog. The era being me taking greater initiative for finding and presenting content. Now that my health is top notch, my work schedule has fallen into place, my clothesmaking process seems to be making some headway, I have access to a camera, and I will be turning 19 tomorrow (and my blog will be turning 1 a few weeks later), I thought I'd celebrate with a little dance. 

With everyone rocking pastels every spring/summer season, I feel a little left out of the loop, since I'm rarely in the mood for a soft, feminine look. Why not spice up the season with some high contrast pieces? Plus, my favorite color range is sap to neon green, so I have many, many, items that sport this color scheme: all my technology covers, the sneakers you see above, another pair of trainers, a hoodie, etc. These sunglasses are quite wonderful, and I love wearing them out and giving people something amusing to look at. I have a more offensive pair that I'm going to wear sometime this week. *teehee*

I'm going to start re-planning my blog schedule while listening to Jack Johnson and watching Elementary and The Lying Game intermittently.