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Nail Polish: Wet n' Wild Fast Dry Polish in Sage in the City & NYX Girls Polish in White

I found out that my school had a small nature conservatory, and decided to do a small shoot there. I kept the makeup super simple, using ONLY eyeliner, in order to mesh well with the foliage. I also brought some faux flora of my own to better celebrate my environment. In addition, I'd tried out a new gradient nail polish technique earlier, where my pinkies start out green, and the color gets lighter until it reaches my thumbs, which are white. I really couldn't get the hang of the ombre nails, so this had to do. And if you look REALLY closely at my right index finger, you'll see I'm sporting one of my fave accessories, a nail talon

I was kind of in a hurry to get the shoot done because the critters were out in full force, so I apologize for the lack of detailing. To make up for it, here's a picture I took of the supermoon!