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For my 19th birthday yesterday, I finally went out to get a nose piercing. I'd wanted one for almost a decade now, and I can't wait until 8 weeks is up and it's healed and I can adorn it with all sorts of baubles! In the meantime, I really wanted to celebrate my month of birth and the soon-to-be advent of summer (a la lunar calendar) by finding some VERY OBVIOUS yet elegant jewelry to accessorize my face with. June's birthstones are pearl, moonshine, and, alexandrite (I've never heard of it, but in third grade, I used to fantasize that my name was Alexandria because I had the biggest crush on Alexander the Great).

Nose Jewelry Wishlist
 From top left, counter-clockwise: 1/2/3/4(random internet picture)

Pearls are a classic staple among fashionistas, and I have never indulged in them because I don't feel comfortable in "classic" attire, nor do I ever attend events where classic attire is mandatory. The pearls I've found were always too droll, too large, and mostly fake. But upon seeing this nose ring, I knew it would be perfect for high contrast with my skintone without being overly distracting from any of my other facial features. 
The moonshine gem is really simple, elegant, and tasteful. With a hint of blue, it's perfect to pair with higher spectrum colors for a look that ties top to bottom perfectly. Better yet is a wide brim or floppy hat to partially obscure my face, so that the light that hits the gem reflect straight back at the viewer. A mysterious flash of light under a dark umbra? That's what romance movies are made of.
Alexandrite is a stone that changes color based on the amount and type of ambient light. It's ordinarily a greenish color, but tuns reddish-purple at night, or under incandescent or halogen lighting. The internet also mentioned something about twinning of the crystals, which is probably why the gemologists let Gemini have the stone. Either way, it's quite a magical find. I'm aware that I can't afford the real thing right now, but one day, I will have this stone in my possession.
The last piece of jewelry is, in fact, one reminiscent of Indian culture. The reason I thought it appropriate to purchase and wear one is that, as far as I've read, there is no real significance to the chain itself. It is a common women's fashion item that originated it India. The nose chains, which are attached to either one's hair or ear, are traditionally removed for a bride by the groom to symbolize the loss of her virginity to him, which is really cool. Otherwise, I greatly appreciate the craftsmanship of the nose chains, both those made for traditional purposes and fashion purposes.