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Red Leather Baseball Cap: eBay
American Flag Lip Tattoo: Violent Lips
Bralette: Boohoo
American Flag Peplum Skirt: DIY

It's been a long night, one which was supposed to be full of me teasing out the last few kinks in the updated blog's layout (I'm not completely there, so please bear with me when the navigation bar refuses appear at the top of the page like it should or you click on a link that doesn't work). Instead, I got caught up in the festivities of the fourth of July, with fireworks, melted, warm, and sticky cherry Italian ices, and a spectacularly loud and vibrant 20 minute long fireworks show. 

This American Flag Skirt is my first creation with a sewing machine, and while it's still an inch too big (I took it in twice), I'm very excited about creating more. Plus I paid absolutely nothing for any of the supplies, since they were fabrics I'd picked up randomly from art rooms when they were about to be discarded. My favorite part of the skirt is the silver trim, which is actually-wait for it-PAPER!

Yes, I attempted sewing paper onto fabric, and it worked. 

I also casually borrowed that American flag with the eagle on top from a storage closet at one of my jobs. They gave me the strangest look when I asked for it to use over the weekend. 

I guess now would be a good time to reflect on how far this nation has come, and how far it has yet to go. But being alive in itself is a gift, regardless of country. As a citizen of two countries. being able to be fully integrated into more than one culture is something that's actually quite mind-blowing, and affords a lot of opportunities. I'm not sure if I'm making sense here, but the short of it is that I am proud to be American, and proud to be Nigerian, and proud to have what I have and be able to do what I do.