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When I first heard the name Clover Canyon, I immediately imagined a vast expanse of lush, rolling hills, the scent of fresh wintergreen and herbal tea, and a blood red sunset encapsulated by a soft, but vibrant golden light. When I heard that it was a fashion label based out of LA, I figured it had to either be a chic, everyday wear label, or one tailored for boho perfectionism. As I clicked through a slideshow of their Resort '14 collection, I was immediately taken aback by the highly saturated, sometimes geometric, sometimes fluid patterns and images layered in every direction on the fabrics, and culminating in a beautiful, perfectly balanced ensemble. Never in my life had I wanted such beauty so badly, to have and to hold, for better or worse. For a progressively fashion-minded soul, the originality, personality, and simple silhouettes enlivened with artisanal detailing in each collection are as good as drugs.

Resigning myself to the dull ache of unattainable desire by bemoaning my bank account's refusal to enable the life of vogue debauchery I yearned so badly to subject myself to, I carried on with my life, and after a week I felt like everything was finally going back to normal. There would be no more incessant pining over a print suit I couldn't have. That was, until I accidentally came across another brand I'd never heard of (but was much more well-established than I'd imagined) by the name of Peter Pilotto

{For some strange reason, I am extremely wary of names that sound remotely Italian. mainly because my mother had a fashionable bone in her body once upon a time, a few decades ago, and only bought Italian things: handbags, shoes, blouses, skirts, suit sets, hats, the whole shebang. Unfortunately, I didn't have a very pleasant experience with styles that were 20 years outdated, or were too delicate for the washing machine and ironing on high. Luckily, the duo behind the Peter Pilotto brand is quite multiethnic. Yes, Italian is one of the ethnicities. }

Peter Pilotto, much like Clover Canyon,  plays with shape, proportion, and perspective through color and pattern, but does experiment a little more with the silhouette of the pieces themselves, so as to better compliment the directionality and composition of their highly unique, art-infused prints.

The ability of these two brands to take the tacky out of fashion printing, while still encouraging the donning of unexpected, knockout pieces by keeping the silhouettes clean and elegant is astounding. From soft, feminine dresses to three piece suits, these brands do it all in the most impressive ways. I admit I'm pretty late catching onto both of these labels, but I know who I'll be looking for when Fashion Week rolls around again.