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Floral Headband: DIY

Sometimes, you want something, and it just doesn't exist. That's where the DIYs come in! I am in love with headwear (because I'm too lazy to style my hair) and I've been collecting floral crowns and snapbacks like nobody's business. I decided that a multicolored floral crown would be a good idea, since basically all the ones I own are all monochromatic. I wanted a pink and yellow one to compliment these shoes, but all the ones I could find were either not the right shade, had extra colors I didn't want, weren't full-bodied enough for my head, or weren't in my price range. So I scoured the art building and found a nice little collection of flowers, which I scooped up, and decided to try my hand at making my very own floral headband. After some fiddling with monofilament and floral tape, I ended up with this! Time to give myself a pat on the back, I'd say.

If you want to make your own, here are a few tutorials I browsed through before starting my own project. The process for all of them are pretty much the same, but options are nice to have, am I right?