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It's easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to menswear (regardless of gender), and while the classic silhouette hasn't changed in almost two centuries, having the same look for events ranging from interviews to weddings might start to take a toll on one's sartorial creativity if not done correctly. If you're not quite ready to don the brightly printed suit, or even one sporting an unconventional color, you're still in luck. Bowties (and neckties) have long been the easiest and most cost-effective means of personalizing the classic, tailored suit. Four brands making waves with their stylish pièces de résistance are Tie the KnotMo's BowsBowTie Cause, and The Two Guys Bowtie.
Tie the Knot was established in 2012 to "advocate for a more stylish and equal America" by donating the proceeds from sales to organizations promoting and fighting for the cause of equal civil liberties for the American LGBT community. Founded by Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and lawyer husband Justin Mikita, the brand quickly rose in popularity, due in large part to the press associated with the Modern Family sitcom, but also because of the limited quantities of each tie, which are affordably priced at $25 each. The pricing not only makes the brand accessible, but also provides a very stylish something in return for supporting the civil liberties of others. It's officially become that much easier to support a good cause, because (let's face it) sometimes we all need a little incentive.

Mo's Bows is a Memphis-based handmade bowtie company realized by the now 11-year old Moziah Bridges. Started in 2011 when Mo was a tender 9 years old, his motivation behind making his own bowties lay in the fact that as a "young dapper man, [he] couldn't find any other bowties that he really like[d]." So, in true entrepreneurial spirit, Bridges took advantage of the power of the Internet and launched his own Etsy shop, which sells a wide variety of bowties that remind the wearer to put the fun back in fashion without sacrificing the classiness that such an outfit might require. Not only is Mo saving up for Parsons School of Design, but he also created a special bow tie, called the Go Mo! Scholarship Bowtie, all of the proceeds from which go into a fund to help other kids in his community go to summer camp. Stylish, ambitious, and philanthropic? A round of applause for this dapper dude. 

When Kunta Littlejohn, a long time friend of pro footballer Dhani Jones, was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma, he urged Jones to make a public statement regarding the issue. Jones, operating by the motto "If you wanna be somebody, you gotta rock a bowtie," took it upon himself to wear a paisley bowtie designed to depict the attack of lymphoma cells in the body. After that, he began (and still does, to this day) to custom design bowties that reflect aspects of any cause the brand works with. The roots of Dhani Jones' munificence extend further back than his best friend's battle against cancer. Having been raised in Japan, and experienced the world with an emphasis on education, his societal perspective focuses on his ability to aid in the betterment of local communities.  In an effort to further expand upon his penchant for civic engagement, Jones has opened a community café in Cincinnati, in which he encourages customers to engage with one another through thought-provoking discussions, either verbal or written. Bow Tie Cause has worked with a galore of organizations, from the Boy Scouts of America to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Two Guys Bow Ties aims to bridge the gap between old-fashioned craftsmanship and new-world fashions. Using old world handcrafting techniques and a globally curated selection of mainly uncommon woods to create the bowtie, modern technology such as laser cutters to etch the various designs, with luxurious fabrics to top it all off, the duo behind the name, Adam Teague and Tim Paslay, have invented a truly eclectic accessory that caters to the needs of the dapper and unconventional fashionista. Admittedly, though the brand may not be affiliated with any philanthropy (for now), the fact that wooden bowties are such an unexpected and innovative concept earns them a spot on this list of featured artisans.