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Floral Crown: DIY
Dress: NastyGal
Senso Vendetta Shoes: ShopAkira

And this is where I wear my floral crown for the first time. I promised a few months ago that I'd wear these shoes with something. I kept my promise! Woo! *confetti* 
The yellow socks were mostly intentional, I guess. I'm not actually sure, but they worked out well. 
This dress is actually way too short on me. Curse of the thick girl? I think so.
I really enjoy hanging out behind the Fine Arts building on campus, because it's basically a wonderful sanctuary. There's a long, winding vermilion colored path, two types of shrubbery, and a table-like sculpture with numbers on it, almost like an incorrectly filled in Sudoku puzzle. The inherent warmth and softness of the atmosphere, coupled with the way it provides a jarring contrast with the adjacent buildings, inspired this soft, but bright look.