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If I were to have a daily makeup routine, this would be it. I do admit I'm pretty lucky when it comes to genetics, and having a more or less even skin tone and minimal blemishes makes a morning makeup routine infinitely simpler. I usually just run around sans makeup, but I recently decided to try out the new Curve Liner from NYX. After I accidentally tipped my previous bottle upside down, I found this "ergonomically designed" product and decided that $10 was a reasonable amount to spend on it, if it was decent (the price is $15 now, eek!). Luckily for me (and my clumsy brethren) this liner is actually a felt tip pen, meaning that there's almost no way you can spill it. I'm a little worried about it drying up, but it was surprisingly easy to apply with both left and right hands, and the shape made gripping it a no-brainer, which means that it's easy to control. For the first time in my life, I left the bathroom 45 seconds after I went in with even cat eyes. I also went to bed with the eyeliner on tested the liner's longevity, and it was still rather pristine after 28 hours, which is pretty much a feat of nature.

To add to my excitement of finding the perfect eyeliner, it turns out that Lime Crime's Red Velvet Velvetines are back in stock! After missing out on it twice in the past year, I scooped it up as soon as I could because I was genuinely worried about it disappearing as quickly as it did before. I find $17 to be a laughably extravagant amount of money to spend on any one makeup item, but after getting the Suedeberry variety, I couldn't help but want a richer look. There are tons of raves about this product, and, as a pretty low-maintenance girl (in all senses of the word),  I just appreciate it for the once-and-done aspect of it. I might have to touch up once or twice during the day, but the color stays fresh and looks pretty darn good. 

I guess this is my obligatory "beauty routine" post, eh?