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I thought I'd take some time to highlight my latest acquisition, which appeared first in my previous outfit post
I've been spending all summer working the most glamorous jobs on the planet, starting with being part of the cleaning crew for my university's fine arts building. That means that I don't really have many opportunities or resources at my disposal to play dress up, because no one in their right mind would ever wear a crisp white dress to paint some floors (unless it was for some conceptual avant-garde editorial, I presume). Sometimes, though, because it IS an art building, you find really cool stuff! The crew was cleaning the foundry last week, and we came across all these metal rings on the floor. They were everywhere. It occurred to me right before we tossed the sweeping pile into the trash bin that I was seriously lacking in the ring department (my fingers are 1.5-2 sizes larger than the largest ring size most cheap stores carry), which made it a little difficult to get on the stacked ring bandwagon. But finding these adjustable babies made my day. I collected 5 rings and a large screw-like one, washed them thoroughly, and made my own little 6-ring collection. 

After perusing a few minimalist blogs, I've been coming to terms with using hardware as jewelry, partially because I'm a little interested in experimenting with the minimal industrial look, and partially because I almost never buy rings, earrings, and necklaces unless I'm trying to get an extra $4 worth of items so I can get free shipping from online stores.