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Snapback: PrettyLittleThing
Blazer: Thrifted
Bralette: Boohoo
Gold chain: Forever21
Skirt: Lazy Oaf
Shoes: GoJane
Getting back into the groove of school, I forgot how often I'd get weird looks for 'dressing up' for no obvious reason. I totally love it, though (not that I'm an attention whore or anything *insert nervous laughter here*) and I responded to every question about my appearance with "It's 2Chainz Day!" on account of my chain snapback and the single gold chain around my neck. More impressive (in my opinion, anyway) was my blazer-on-shoulder endeavor for the day. I always wondered how fashionistas actually kept these pseudo-capes on their shoulders, and after racking my brain, I decided to safety pin them to my bralette underneath. I wouldn't suggest it if you have qualms about poking holes in things, especially non-fibrous materials like leather, but it looks really cool, especially when the wind blows and the jacket fans out behind you and everyone wonders how in hell you get that thing to stay on. Plus, I've also started longboarding (a la STOP IT RIGHT NOW), which exponentially improves my outfit's overall "cool factor."

In other news, I'm obsessed with Lady Gaga's "Applause" (among other songs), and I'm seriously stoked for her ARTPOP album coming out November 11. Plus, I sometimes feel weird about wanting to be recognized for doing something I love, and doing it unconventionally. This songs makes me feel better about my personal aspirational cravings and whatnot.