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Golden Triangle Jersey - Forever21
Faux Leather Track Pants - Urban Outfitters
Spiked Biker Half-Gloves - eBay
Beau + Ashe Guard Shoes - Shoedazzle 
If you're wondering why I randomly put a song titled "A-Punk" here, it's because that's what I'd originally titled this outfit due to the leather and spiked and black and gold going on. At the last minute, however, I decided it would amuse me greatly to make a bad Illuminati reference. I am little more amused than I would have been, mostly because I'm not even sure what the Illuminati is, but I'm too lazy to re-create the post banner at this point. That aside, I've noticed that the more metallic-looking things you put into an otherwise all neutral-colored outfit, the richer people think you are. It's probably a linear or exponential graph of metallics versus perceptions of wealth. I will use that to my advantage at job interviews. It helps if you wear black flip up shades with gold rims and a bowler hat, like I did when I wore this. Adds some mystery. Add a sleek black longboard, and you're probably too cool for the universe. 

Just kidding. 

In retrospect, it may have been too balmy for the leather pants, because, erm, well, sweat. Luckily, the perforated jersey helped out with balancing the heat distribution, so I wan't a soggy mess. Note to self: check the damn weather.