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The catwalk is a small, brightly lit room, attached by an open doorway to another, emptier space. Rows of chairs line either side of the doorway, and a few dozen fashionistas, photographers, and beady-eyed critics arrange themselves in the rows of seats, or stand askance behind them. The audience's impatience is allowed to build for all of two minutes, and the names of the sponsors loom larger on the plastic sheet to be used as a photo backdrop: Sipp, The Indigo Project, Yummyholic. The soft aura, achieved with embroidered sheets on the ceiling to diffuse the light, is dimmed, and the confident voice of the self-professed shy designer booms over the speakers as her face is projected on the wall of the adjoining room. She gives her thanks, the video stops, and her face is replaced by galactic lights, her voice by electronic music, and a stiletto'd foot emerges from the shadows of the room. So it begins.

The first look, featuring the Fractal Fields leggings, was a little shocking, the deep aqua of the transparent plastic tunic, lined with a black bodysuit contrasting with the soft ombre pink, orange, and blue of the geometrically patterned stockings. Big hair and bold makeup were the model's crowning glory, and the inspiration read as 60's, with a hint of 70's psychedelic. The mixing of eras, specifically, the 60's and the 80's continued throughout the collection. There was no variation in texture the tunics always the same transparent vinyl, though occasionally patterned (the socks as well) when the leggings or stockings were not.There were many gradients, manifested in makeup, hair color, or stocking color. The most interesting piece of the night for me, as a nerd and attendee of a math and science focused school, were the Triangulation Stockings, the inspiration drawn from Pascal's Triangle.

With the unique combination of fractals, tessellations, neon, and a not-so-subtle feel of jazzercise, the collection was on overall hit, putting an interesting and retro spin on an otherwise comfortable, day-to-day product.