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Floral Crown: Asos
Skirt: I realllyy want to say it's from Forever21
Boots: H&M

I know what you're thinking.
Actually, no I don't. 

Regardless, it's a rare moment when I decide to wear tartan plaid (it's my school "color" or some nonsense), but when I go for it, I make a valiant effort to avoid all aspects of tackiness. Sure, I paired it with some mustard yellow. Mustard is only a questionable color when alone, let's be honest. Plus the skirt had pockets, so, who am I to complain?
I'm honestly really into the contrast of a solid headpiece, a solid bottom, and a crazily patterned and interestingly cut top that brings the whole look together really well. I'm also into not wearing bras whenever possible. Sadly, those opportunities are few and far between, so a scenario where I wear only a bra is a close second. In other news, I definitely feel that because the color combinations of red and yellow make an average human hungry (think McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's etc.), then this outfit made lots of people hungry (not exactly the reaction I was going for), which somehow logically progresses to my popularity, and therefore my sympathizing with breakout Kiwi artist Lorde in her hit "The Love Club".