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Floral Crown: ASOS
Denim Jacket and Jeans: Forever21
Red Wedge Booties: GoJane

Redeeming the reputation of double denim has never been an easy task. Sure, the 90's were no sartorial walk in the park, but our most praised means of wearing double denim, while functional, holds little appeal for me. The magic of denim is, without a doubt, the richness of its darker hues and the applied textures, the brass rivets contrasting with shine and adding strength, and, as any avid denim-wearer will attest to, the fit. Paying attention to all these, I get very bored looking at tips for color contrasting, shade matching, texture grouping, etc. Not because they aren't all very good tips to follow when attempting redemption of a widely-accepted faux pas, but because they (generally) ignore the fact that fit and silhouette are core aspects to not only denim, but fashion as a whole. Seeing these two pieces on Forever21's site, I was immediately drawn in by their acid wash coloration (I think slight distress adds a kind of full beauty that monochromatism couldn't) and the subtle ombre, with both pieces having the color fade downwards. With the oversized "vintage" silhouette of the jacket, and the very tightly fitted nature of the pants, the eye could be drawn to something other than the fact that this was all-over denim. 
Lastly, accessorizing is, in my opinion, the difference between a mediocre outfit and a seriously swaggin' one. To to accent the robust color and texture of the jacket and pants, I figured I'd add another primary color on my head and feet. Overall, it was not an overwhelming look, and most people I spoke to about it didn't even realize that I was running around in double denim all day. 

P.S. I think I'm going to try getting some colored ombre pants, then finding (or dyeing) a same-colored ombre wig. It sounds cool, no?