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Neon Tropics Bodycon Dress: Forever 21
Bowler Hat.  Knee-Highs, and Boots: H&M
Gothic Cuff Bracelet: ASOS
Garters: Sock Dreams
Sheer Cardigan: eBay

Sometimes, it occurs to me that I might be making a bit of a spectacle of myself on the internet, claiming that I wore such flamboyant attire to spice up a humdrum schedule of classes, meetings, studying, and the like. I would like to dispel all doubts potentially harbored by others, and verify that I do, indeed look like this on a regular basis (makeup optional). That being said, I was fully aware that there was a social occurring Friday evening for the board, models, and friends of the school's biggest yearly event, the Lunar Gala Fashion Show. I also have been a little negligent of my baby due to a) studying like a madwoman for tests that just seem to keep coming (Cognitive Science is not an easy major, I will admit) and b) being on the board for aforementioned fashion show.

Excuses aside, I'd like to mention that this dress is absolutely magical. I love the concept of bodycon dresses, but I'm naturally pretty self conscious about various lumps and rolls the human body forms, and how those look in skin-tight attire. But between the print and the impeccable detail, this dress was a must-have for me when I saw it on Forever 21's site. It was the only thing that truly popped, that stood out, and that had a personality of its own on the screen that day, and I was determined to wear it such that it complimented my personality. It worked well, considering that the print was so perfect that the psychedelic colors didn't become an eyesore, and the light, airy trail of the cardigan created a wonderful silhouette while rushing walking to and from classes. It was also pretty rainy (no worries, I waterproofed the boots and had an umbrella!) and overcast, so I think the color worked well to light up the atmosphere, and I guess it made lots of people happier overall.


(also, I've been trying to rock a dark lip because some fashion site said I should and I was like hrm why not so I am it's a lipstick duo from Forever21's Bats and Cats promo thing yay run on sentences!)