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The holographic trend picked up a lot of steam this past winter, becoming the go-to accessory trend for minimalist outfits photographed against shimmering white banks of snow. The visual appeal of a smooth, iridescent surface whose liquid rainbow is forced to follow structure seems to be getting lost behind the clamor of floral prints and pastel brights. But before you stash away your lovely holographic accessories until next winter, here instead is a guide to transitioning them into the spring season. 

1. The Bold Look
The magic of holographic things is that they tend to go with almost every color, in most hues (because they also reflect the color of whatever is near them). This means that you're perfectly able to pick a standout color for your outfit, and then accessorize with holographics. When going for a bold look, I tend to shy away from using loud patterns (simple geometric ones seem to work fine though), and instead wear something like this River Island crop top that has one uniform, beautiful color, but is still textured with a nuanced pattern that adds visual intrigue to the ensemble. If an entire ensemble isn't one color, I'd definitely suggest adding a neutral or a pastel, which brings us to....

2. The Soft Look
Personally, there are times I want to go for a more gamine and delicate look, and a bold color or pattern isn't going to help me achieve that. Pastels are the default color palette going into spring, and pairing them with iridescent accessories creates a warm look that manages to both make you look like the ultimate springtime sweetheart and makes your outfit of choice stand out even without strong, saturated hues. This midi bodycon skirt from GoJane is simple enough to be dressed up and down, and its light pink/almost peachy hue makes it work perfectly for pretty much any skin tone.

3. The Matchy-Matchy Look
This last look is based purely on pushing the holographic trend as far as it can go in one outfit, and matching it with itself isn't a faux pas at all. Having enough of a "buffer color" (in this case white, but shades of white/black and a few solid colors, cobalt for example, work well too) keeps the iridescence of the outfit from being excessively overwhelming on the eyes. The UNIF Neogram Sweatshirt mixes two of my favorite trends, namely neoprene fabric and holograms. This partial ensemble above is quite reminiscent of this past winter because of the stark white of the sweatshirt, but adding a bright, pastel, or dark bottom would instantly create a different, more timely effect. 

Hat via Ebay // Beau + Ashe oxfords via Shoedazzle