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Taking a trip to a different part of town can be, in itself, a mini-getaway from the stress of everyday life (or, if you're me, the stress of trying to find a good show on TV at 2 am). When thinking up places to shoot, it occurred to me that I had never traveled very far outside of a two mile wide bubble in Pittsburgh, and thought it very shameful that I entertained grandiose dreams of travelling to Paris, Milan, and Sydney, when I didn't even possess the willpower to explore the alleyways of a city I'd been in for a year and a half. So, I did what any new adventurer would do, and looked up tourist attractions in Steel City. Lo and behold, I came upon a neighborhood entitled Mexican War Streets; the historical anarchist in me was promptly drawn in by "War," and I wanted to know how much bloodshed had occurred and why.

None. Bummer.

Not disappointing, though, were the pictures that flashed on Google Images, of colorful buildings and doors and windows and murals, or the history of the neighborhood itself.  I imagined, then, a getup as vibrant as the territory I wished to step in, and as individual as each door that graced its streets. This, for me, is almost my perfect balance of personality and style, where I enjoy having just enough happening to catch the eye, but not so much that it detracts from the details. I genuinely felt frustrated that this ensemble, much like my experience in Pittsburgh thus far, was lacking in a visual sucker punch, but I have long since assured myself that the sucker punch would have been cleavage to fill out this dress's bust, had I any; then again, it is a privilege to be able to run around scoping out other people's homes without suspicion or need for a constricting, over-designed brassiere.

Kristin parked her car, and we tried walking around a few streets (we didn't get far, because once again, I had neglected to check the weather and was trying not to sweat through the dress), and came upon this lovely residential backdrop. No two buildings were the same, it seemed, and almost every passerby, dogs included, welcomed our presence in their neighborhood with a friendly smile and greeting. Despite my awkwardness as I hobbled along in these killer DV8 wedges, trying to find the perfect balance between a pose and a candid, and never touching the wall or ground for support for fear of the fire-ants, I can't help but feel that we had found Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, and I, for one, will return to it.

*If you are wondering about the relevance of the title, I would not only suggest that you check out the theme song to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, but I would also like you to know that you are henceforth dead to me.
Just kidding.

photos by: Kristin Vermilya, me
editing by: Khadijat Yussuff

eBay - Hat
GoJane - Dress
Forever21 - Earrings, Watch, Belt
Thrifted - Blazer
NastyGal - Dolce Vita Kemp Ankle Boot
ASOS -  Bracelet
Found - Rings
Kleancolor  Femme Lipsticks in Tea Rose, Fiesta, and Happily After, Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers in Black/Noir - Lips