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As I've tweeted before, safety pins are some of a fashionista's absolute best friends for life, along with nipple pasties and Hollywood Tape™. 
Knowing that the absolute best way to wear a jacket is to not wear it at all (à la Willabelle Ong) but being limited by broad, downward sloping shoulders, I opted for one of (soon to be) many, many looks with a light jacket safety pinned to whatever was underneath it. It gives one ease of movement, a fundamental luxury oft sacrificed for the aesthetic appeal of man-made luxury. Not compromising in comfort or style, then, is my defiant flipping of the bird on the topic of understanding the practicality of sh*t bloggers wear.
I'd love to believe, if even for self-validation's sake, that this outfit was a visual hat trick of sorts in the areas of personal development, innovation, and comfort.

Personal Development: 
Despite my seemingly incessant cycling through tomboy and "girly" phases as a youngin' (that, no doubt, was an emotional and financial rollercoaster for my mom-sorry!), I avoided shades of pink like the plague. Ever since abandoning a pink velour sweatshirt from The Children's Place that I wore 'till it started exposing midriff above the belly button at the age of nine, I suddenly realized how ridiculous I'd looked that past year wearing it, often paired with khaki slacks that had a matching pink drawstring. These days, though, I seem to be warming up to vibrant pinks and purples, and wearing them (almost) to a fault. Besides, a little color therapy softens up any hard, high-contrast looks. 
I guarantee you that I did not invent this concept at all, but the pride in even thinking about it was good enough for me. The idea? A standalone bowtie. It may not be getting the press that itsy-bitsy kawaii bowties are receiving, but after my brief flirtation with the menswear section of Amazon nine months ago, I rediscovered the vest and bowtie sets I'd acquired from the site. I gave away the vests, but kept the bowties. I really messed up the clasp for the part of the bowtie that went around the neck by stepping on it, but in an effort to continue the relationship I had with the adaptation of men's style, I decided to go with a standalone bowtie (also mounted slightly askew onto the shirt via safety pins). I was all for adding a graphic element to the top, while (with the help of this fitted blazer-cape injecting some classy flair into the ensemble as a whole. Plus, I can always detach it and alter its function as an accessory.
Because let's face it, you can't justifiably label a look "casual" if your crotch and legs are pouring sweat into a pair of tight, stuffy trousers by the gallon. Go get some shorts and save yourself some badly chafed misery, or opt for fancy, breathable sweatpants. Truthfully, these are one of six pairs of sweatpants I own, and other than another pair from ASOS, the rest are used strictly as pajamas. When it came to being socially presentable, I'd always agreed with Karl Lagerfeld; that is, until I found these beauties practically begging me to give them a shot. My only gripe with these fashion joggers is the lack of pockets. If I'm wearing sweats, I'm OBVIOUSLY all about comfort and convenience, including the convenience of storage. Let me have this?

Please and thank you. 

P.S. If you look at my left wrist in the fourth image, you'll see a cute little bracelet that wasn't there before! How did it get on my person mid-shoot, you ask? As it turns out, one of the blog's partner photographers, Peter Luci, is also an artisan, and makes really awesome high-quality bracelets. This particular one is rhodochrosite and magnetic beads with a sterling silver clasp. There's no online platform available through which to buy his work (yet), but if you're interested in grabbing a piece, email him; if you're in the Pittsburgh area, try to catch him by dropping by handmade fairs and various trade shows!
photos by: Peter Luci, me
editing by: Khadijat Yussuff

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