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Not checking the weather on a consistent basis in Pittsburgh leads to some very sticky situations, and this day was one of them. It stands to reason, then, that channeling a Pugh-esque everyday look in a sweltering 85 degrees (with 91% humidity) carries literal and figurative weight.

Choosing a less conventional path in outfit selection stems from and leads to many a personal revelation, mine being that I do not have the figure or the mentality to exude ladylike poise in polite society, and so throwing an accessory inspired by the culture of one of the wildest sexual fetishes in existence over a dress probably meant for a late autumn soiree essentially gives me free rein (ha! ) to behave as I please, as evidenced by the upskirt frolicking shot above.

On a related note. my obsession with ombre has probably gotten a little out of control, especially in the lip department. In an effort to continue the trend, I took a little inspo out of Gareth Pugh's Spring/Summer 2013 nailbook, and did my absolute best to replicate it, which didn't really go as planned. Luckily the red and black lips came out much better, since I've been practicing by wearing the look nonstop. Maybe I'll branch out and try a lovely ombre yellow/orange in the near future, or replicate a pink and purple hued lip.>

For future posts, be on the lookout for new photographer friends joining The Off-Beat Edit, and playing an integral part in producing the blog's visual content from now on. For this post, please welcome veteran photographer (and now friend) Sarah Wilson! Check out her site for more of her work.
photos by: Sarah L. Wilson
editing by: Khadijat Yussuff

Choies - Dress & Harness
H&M - Hat & Shoes
eBay, Found - Rings
Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet, Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers in Black/Noir - Lips