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I know, I know. Since when has this blog even mentioned interior design? It hasn't. Ever. But in the spirit of trying new things, I've decided it might do my blogging soul good to dabble in a little space designing. Growing up in the city, I developed a powerful love for one bedroom apartments, studios, and lofts; big, open spaces that were small enough to be personal, but large enough to host that soireé you've always dreamed you would. Until I get a job that will let me have enough of an income to rent my own quaint little shoebox, I imagine designs for the creative who wants a space simple and uncluttered, so s/he may fill it with ideas, fabrics, paints, books, dance and every other form of expressive media. I admit that this small project will be a bit crude at first, but I see no reason I shouldn't attempt to extend my dress style to my lifestyle.
About a month ago, it was announced that Maison Martin Margiela would be collaborating with Belgian brand Omexco in retailing a line (probably haven't) guessed it, wallpapers! Those of you familiar with MMM, and other brands of similar caliber are acutely aware that fashion houses are not only top-tier ateliers, but seem to extend their grasp to each detail of the lifestyles they design for. With that mindset, then, I exhaled with relief, knowing that not only was a collaboration of this sort to be expected, but that it would also be perfect, clean, and understated, as is the brand's style.

Upon viewing the photos of the collection, I experienced a pretty strong twinge of envy for everyone who owned or rented their own space, space they could deck out in designer décor. Not to be denied the dream of fully independent living, I decided to think up ways to style the various wallpaper designs, and this graphic pattern quickly became the obvious styling choice.

Lover of simple and easily mutable spaces that I am, I did my best to create a room scheme that remained true to the Maison Martin Margiela lifestyle, while still exhibiting my designing quirks and aesthetic (of which I haven't any knowledge, as this is a first attempt). The setting is the lounge space of a small to midsized apartment.

I'm sure a few of you may be wondering if I even know how wallpaper works, considering the single strip on the virtual wall, but the truth is, wide stretches of wall design do not tickle my fancy, and breaking up a wall with wallpaper not only creates a graphic accent for the space, but can give the illusion that a small space is larger than it really is. Alternately, placing two strips of wallpaper on both ends of the wall and leaving the couch and blue rug against a white wall would create a more dramatic look for this space.
1. Modular Shelving Units, Montana

2. Round Pintuck Pillow in Navy & Purple, Urban Outfitters

3. Magical Thinking Bison Skull Wall Sculpture, Urban Outfitters

4. Taj Wall Mirror, Urban Outfitters

5. KARLSTAD Loveseat in Blekinge White, Ikea

6. Zuvan Side Table, Anthropologie

7. Rhys Ottoman in Lager Leather, Anthropologie

8. Hand Tufted Area Rug, Houzz

9. Round Glass Table, Etsy

10. Image via Wedding by Color, but you can DIY your own floral ball bouquet with this tutorial from A Pair & A Spare!