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In this picturesque courtyard dappled with raindrops, it was too easy to want to weave in and out of the carefully manicured maze, getting the hem of the dress caught on many a thorny rosebush. But between the feeling of elegance that naturally  comes with wearing a spiked bra and a nose ring, and the sparkle of body glitter and gold leaf on my fingertips, I couldn't help but feel like the most carefree goddess, looking over her dominion in a time of peace.

As per my obsession with all things gold, I had to inject a little more shine into this already vibrant maxi dress I'd had for about three years now. I'm not big into maxis, since I'm barely tall enough that the dresses don't drag on the floor, but still short enough that I'd trip over myself every step. The best way to handle this without suffering through heels for the summer? Pick it up with a crudely made belt (leftover fabric scraps), style it to look vaguely Grecian, then embrace your spring and summer flats for the next three months.

You'll thank me later.
photos by: Kristin Vermilya
editing by: Khadijat Yussuff

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