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Inexpensive style is an almost laughable concept nowadays, and I can't say I'm not feeling the pressure. Trying to phase out fast fashion from my purchases while working on this space on a barely sufficient minimum-wage paycheck has proven to be a rather Herculean task. Imagine my delight, then, when a friend of mine (who's working on starting her own blog) convinced me to go thrift shopping at a local Goodwill one day, and found me this oversized '80's suit set. There was no hesitation at the letters 'XXL' embroidered on the tag. It was love at first sight. With a fabric light enough for spring, summer, and autumn, and an absolutely perfect pattern (that not only allows the pieces to work well as separates, but also allows me to embrace my love of gold accoutrements), I gloated about this socially conscious $8 find for a week afterwards.

Raiding my mother's wardrobe consistently, it's come to my attention that vintage workplace womenswear is easily modernized by cutting out shoulderpads, cuffing pants, and hemming a skirt, if need be. The colors are vibrant, unique, and one vintage piece can easily dress up an otherwise casual outfit. And what's dressier than a pantsuit? A pantsuit with a whimsical matching hair bow, of course. Created the night before the shoot, I thought I'd give my crafty side a bit of an outlet and create a cheap statement piece. I admit, the statement may not have been as powerful as the middle fingers that greeted anyone who tried to look into my eyes, but I an guarantee that many a toddler was thoroughly entertained by this accessory.

photos by: Heather Hensen
editing by: Khadijat Yussuff
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