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I was over-the-moon excited when I was contacted a short time ago by One Girl, based in Australia. One Girl is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the entire country of Sierra Leone by focusing on rectifying the plight of young girls, namely, their education and all the factors impacting it. 

When one imagines the first world's education system, one rarely thinks in depth about all possible ingredients that goes into earning a spot as one of the few educated elite in the world. For a young girl in one of the most impoverished countries in the world, there are a myriad of obstacles that can deprive her of the opportunity to learn, to better herself and the community she lives in. Unfortunately, these girls face obstacles that range from the societal mentality that girls are inferior to boys, to unsanitary menstruation practices.

One Girl understands what these girls inherently know: education is their best bet to help their community succeed. 

And, per its manifesto below, One Girl is taking a more empowering approach than your average charitable organization.

In recognizing the true plight of these girls (by actually asking them, no less) it becomes easier to create a clear vision of what needs to be done to create an uplifted society.

In addition to raising money for girls to go back to school, this is done via initiatives such as LaunchPad, School Awesomeisation, and Business Brains. Tackling the biggest detriments to a girl's education, both in Sierra Leone and worldwide, is absolutely critical to providing them with the ability to forge the tools they will need for a better life.

Given my penchant for fostering social literacy in the fashion world (and hopefully beyond?), and my struggle with being able to continue mine,  I couldn't turn down this opportunity to be an Ambassador for the Do It In A Dress (DIIAD) campaign. 

The Do It In a Dress campaign is one that does more than ask for a few bucks (though that would be appreciated, too!); DIIAD encourages you to take on an activity or a challenge, and to do so in a constant reminder of your support for the education of these girls, namely, a school dress! While buying the school dress does help fund these girls, it is also important to be able to keep the cause relevant, by enlisting your peers and community to join you in your challenge or in helping provide not only an education, but safer schools, better menstrual sanitation, and the opportunity for these girls to become entrepreneurs in their own right.  

Check out the video below, and donate here!