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As a matter of personal preference, I generally find trends, especially in makeup, to be either drab, or seriously time-consuming, but I always find my thumbs and index finger clicking through fashion week beauty lookbooks or Pinterest boards to find some inspiration for new makeup ideas.

Enter Beauty Is Boring, a blog run by visionary makeup artist Robin Black. While I've been taking peeks at her Instagram for a while now, taking some time to dig into her work reveals that Black has performed her magic on myriad magazine covers (including Lorde and Kate Upton, y'all), and has more than a few NYFW shows under her belt as well. Two weeks ago, Black had her debut article on Yahoo! Beauty, highlighting four different ways to don graphic eyeliner. 

Upon peeping the fourth application, I was instantly enamored and knew that small rectangle was a look I had to take for a test drive around town. Titled “The Runway,” this style of applying liner provides a strikingly clean, bold look, and provides the perfect tie-in to a high-contrast outfit. For this particular look (full post coming soon y’hear!), this liner immediately satiated the pressing need I felt to smear black lipstick below my eyes for an extreme sporty look, and catapulted the ensemble from rough to refined street chic.

After playing around with the idea of geometric liner, I decided to modify the look a bit, starting with changing the color from black to white, then, tweaking proportions to best fit my eye, look, and everyday frolics. 

This particular iteration of Black’s suggested look it more rectangular, and barely tapers at the end corner to create a true cat eye effect for face-on observation.

To my chagrin, it seemed that a hefty number of comments disparaged the last look as being stupid, “unrealistic,” and “ridiculous,” 
so I found a few that really tickled my funny bone, and chose to respond to them as the highly impressionable mindless trend wagon-hopper that I am.
Paula: “With #4 Eyeliner: Are you kidding me???? Why don’t they start wearing black grease paint under your eyes – like the football players! Now THAT would catch a lot of attention on the run-way and wouldn’t it be a ‘stunning glamorous look’? Who comes up with this #$%$?”
Paula, you’re absolutely right. Why don’t I take a second to create/discover/try some under-eye athletic beauty looks, and get back to you on that?
ElisaS: “I’d laugh my #$%$ off if I saw anyone wearing a rectangle of black goop on the outer corner of their eyelid. Looks so stupid.”
Would a rectangle of white goop elicit a similar reaction?
Bryan: “Actually, there are only three ways to wear eyeliner. The 4th way was not a real way any self-respecting person would wear eyeliner.” 

Lastly, I would like to point out that as far as the comments on makeup overshadowing natural beauty on Black’s article go, anyone familiar with this mastermind’s work would recognize that she specializes In enhancing natural beauty with striking accents (as many people who wear makeup will attest to).
While haters will forever hate, remember that no one should be obligated to adhere to your aesthetic standards, in the same way that you’d rather not be held to other people’s expectations of beauty. 

photo by: Kristin Vermilya
editing by: Khadijat Yussuff

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers in Black/Noir  - Lips
Lime Crime Eyeliner in Lunar SeaEyes
Avalon Exchange - White Chain Necklace
eBay - White Hand Chain