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In which I lament never having had a Technicolor jacket like my dear pal Joseph.

As of late, an appreciation for structure has dramatically improved the contents of my wardrobe, and I’ll probably never give up the coat-as-cape trend* because of the dramatic silhouette it provides.

Lauding minimalism for its emphasis on construction and composition of a garment or getup, it seems that some of us (maximalists?) are being overlooked for the ability to produce a form of dress with a profile as striking and flattering as the color that goes with it. Clean and pronounced white accents throughout really frame and highlight this look’s patterned brights, which in this case, spans everything from apparel to jewelry.

The crisp, simple, and, in the case of the top, innovative figures each of these pieces cuts converge to form one well-rounded assemblage. This particular outfit, while imperfect, was a worthy exercise in mixing price ranges. Picking up what my paycheck considers investment pieces from CottonOn and Zara, high-quality secondhands from various local thrifting hubs, and some cheap, but functional items from the likes of eBay allows for thorough enjoyment of an individual piece’s design, along with reducing the amount of items bought.**

I tip my bowler hat to minimalism, but I am often of the belief that more is, well, more.

* And yes, when it gets cold out, I will layer as many coats and jackets as I’ll need, and one of them will almost certainly be worn cape style.
** Only when one suffers from mild retail therapy, where two or three good thrifted finds provides a sartorial high for an extra few weeks before the urge to buy strikes again.
photos by: Kristin Vermilya
editing by: Khadijat Yussuff
more photos from this shoot

Co. by Cotton On - Oversized Jacket
Zara -Overlay T-Shirt with Zip
Goodwill Talbots Striped Multicolor Skirt
Avalon Exchange - White Chain Necklace (worn as bracelet)
Luxx Clothing and Hair Salon - Turqoise Ring Set
H&M - Bowler Hat
eBay - Ankle Boots, Statement Bib Necklace
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers in Black/Noir Kleancolor Femme Lipstick in Tingling Mimosa- Lips