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Maybe it's my current location, or just my imagination, but this year's Christmas festivities seemed quite low-key. With not a flurry of snow to be seen, nature seemed to be supporting a minimalist approach to the holidays, and I thought that I might join in on the fun. 

In one last wave of FOMO 2014, I decided to continue practicing photography and threw together a background (mesh ribbon, solid ribbon, and Washi tape on a vinyl backdrop), set up my "home studio" to the best of my ability, procured a River Island sweater matching set I got on sale this past summer, and decided to mix and match with a few other pieces to create under-the-radar festive looks (hat would also get me through house-hopping a couple nights in a row for Christmas). Unable to pass up the opportunity for creative reuse of Christmas tinsel and ribbon, I decided to try applying some unexpected makeup, such as tinsel eyelashes or mesh ribbon eyeshadow. 

It was really pure fun to shoot, and by experimenting, I'm beginning to understand how much fun, anticipation, and satisfaction comes from different creative media. 

River Island- Matching Sweater Set
H&M - Alexander Wang x H&M bra
Boohoo- Red Cutout Bralette
Choies - Blue Jacket
eBay, Found - Jewelry
Lime Crime Eyeliner in Lunar Sea - Eyes
Kleancolor Femme Lipstick in Chocolate Lips