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On account of my slight hoarding tendencies, packing had always appeared to be an insurmountable challenge. After a period of time experiencing a lack of housing security, I became a pro at accumulating items that were either collapsible or disposable and would make for a relatively simple move if the situation were to suddenly present itself. Now, four months into low-stress financial security and a comfortable room lease, I’m all for creating a personal space that feels light and airy, but is still cozy enough to keep this little hooligan off the streets and out of trouble (shoot situations not included). As a result of extensive meticulous detail planning for the room and a desktop folder filled with unique eyeliner designs, my perspective on winter attire (previously nonexistent due to spending massive amounts of brainpower resenting the cold) has begun to manifest itself in comfort-oriented ensembles expressing high-contrast graphics  in classic black & white.

I’ve been itching to carry the blog and my personal creative skills further than was ventured this past year, and I believe that I’m mentally preparing myself for the imminent amount of work to be afforded by school, work, the blog, and taking care of myself in the process by stripping the blog, my style, and my soul of accoutrements for the next couple of weeks and rediscovering balance. Viewing health as currency guarantees that no matter how much work I’ll get, I will always make sure I’m listening to my body before I oblige my professors, managers, or the fashion industry. From meditation and yoga to DIY detox waters and fruit smoothies, consistent practicing of good habits have made this particular iteration of what I like to call “The Strip” (intermittent self-critique performed in a safe, meditative physical or mental state with the goal of improving one’s surroundings by working on improving oneself; requires individual to look at self as the sum of many parts, to dissemble and analyze those parts to the best of his/her ability, and to actively create and work towards any number of goals) quite refreshing, enlightening, and has definitely provided me with the physical, mental, and spiritual energy to remain motivated and excited for eons.  

For a few of my personal goals in relation to the blog, I‘ve decided to put my resources and spare time to good use, and am working on learning to be a decent studio photographer, starting with self-shooting (and this particular outfit post), and moving on to creative post-editing. In an effort to improve photography and visual organizational skills, I’ve been obsessively creating flatlays and shooting them. There’s also been some stealthy cutting out of the social media sites that I don’t use, and stick to a few main blog supplements.  Ironically, my excitement for this little corner of the World Wide Web stems from the realization that in order for me to be satisfied with The Off-Beat Edit as a true reflection of my passions and desires, a good number of all-nighters are going to be inevitable. Luckily, tonight isn’t going to be one of them.

“Work hard, play hard,” they say.
“YOLO,” they say.
 And don’t forget to strip.
photo & editing by:  Khadijat Yussuff

Forever 21- Varsity Jacket, Floral Sweatpants, Watch

Thrifted - White collared button-up shirt