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As a personal rule, I do my best to avoid social outings at all costs; not because I'm your back-alley shenanigan buzzkill (though my penchant for safety does warrant the occasional stinkeye), but because I find it incredibly difficult to do or say anything of particular import in loud, sweaty conditions where anything too out of the ordinary (like glitter eyebrows) might make you a star or a pariah (usually the latter, for some odd reason). Also because I really would prefer stuffing my face while on the web, with my butt nestled firmly in bed for an obscene number of hours.

Sometimes, however, inspiration takes over and one can't help but to look at an image and think, "I need to just TRY it," as is the case here. First attempt at glitter brows was a questionable green to blue ombre look that didn't translate well at all, and given a score of "maybe not" by an acquaintance. Periodically the overachiever, I simply tried it three more times until I settled on some runway & Instagram inspo for this look. 
New Year's resolutions sans resolve prove useless year after year, and so this time around, I ditched the long list of whatever good habits should be formed by now, found "clever" ways to maintain good habits ($20 worth of fruit and granola bars purchased in a moment of motivation will leave me too broke to buy a whole pizza and dessert from Domino's - and I ALWAYS get dessert), and tackled one of my worst personal vices, the lack of patience, by writing a nice little meditative mantra for myself, seen above.

Naturally, the second part of the mantra is for very specific situations, but definitely having patience with myself the past few months has been a much freer, healthier experience in all aspects of daily life; not berating myself for not finishing a post on time, or not being frustrated when a project ends up being more difficult than imagined, or telling myself it was okay to eat those extra 6 pieces of garlic bread on Christmas because now I'm eating a fruit bowl. 
With great power comes great responsibility, and I am of the firm belief that every individual is chock full o' power, and it is up to each and every person to do their best to bring that strength forward in whichever way is best for him/her. I am most comfortable with myself when doing anything as stylishly as possible - learning, working, even sleeping (I'll occasionally dress up to fry some eggs if I've deprived myself of social interaction for too long, i.e. every Spring Break thus far). 

Shirking convention and bending the rules much further than I can bend to touch my toes has always held a special thrill for me, comparable only to understanding a new psychology experiment and playing Team Fortress 2 as the Spy. Pseudo-eremitism* has given me an opportunity to perpetually inundate myself in creativity and comfort,  to be judged only by a 2 month old kitten and the stars above, if they're remotely interested. 

Here's hoping your shiny New Year doesn't tarnish too soon, and if you find yourself scraping the barrel f motivation come March, it's never too late to turn over a new (gold) leaf. 

*pseudo-eremitism(n.) - an attitude favoring solitude and seclusion (and WiFi)