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As a kid who was relatively late to the tech scene, I prided myself in being able to achieve and maintain self-sustenance with or without the aid of the digital sphere.

Or not.

I've fallen down the rabbit hole, it seems, and in the past five months, I've gleaned limitless information on how to craft the most comfortable lifestyle for myself (workout, home decor, food & drink) almost exclusively via the wonderland that is Instagram.
Digital dependency brought us detox waters* in mason jars, and gave me a plethora of mind-blowingly** easy health tips, starting with mixing fruit (and some veggies) into purified water, then eating the fruit once liquid is consumed.

The resulting lip-smacking nectar and chilled fruit
 combo is like BOGO for your immune system and taste buds.

The conscious health nut is a trend that'll never go out of style, but the truth of the matter is that I prefer to not have to think about what goes in my body, while being confident that I'm giving myself the best nutritional options available.
Working backwards, then, I'd strongly advise that you take the time to research local food options, new recipes and food ideas to fit your lifestyle (I myself am a ten-minutes-or-less kitchen cooker, and prefer ready-made any day out of convenience), choose your favorites, and make a habit out of regularly preparing and consuming them. If you're feeling creative and find shopping lists more stressful than doing taxes, I strongly recommend making a small game out of it. Amass the healthiest foods you enjoy, and see how many dishes you can come up with.

photos by: Heather Hensen

*I'm a bit averse to the term "detox water" because instead of inspiring an overall healthier lifestyle by helping minimize poor food choices (which many proponents are doing and it's lovely) it sounds like it encourages the idea of constantly cleaning up after poor dietary decisions.

Then again, I also read too much into the potential effects of language syntax on a society's psyche.

**Because what could be easier than taking a nap for 30 minutes and getting delivery upon awakening? (Answer: Making this meal-in-a-jar!)